My future plan for this site is to share my thoughts, findings, experience and words of wisdom to anyone owning or thinking about owning a horse. For now just keep this in mind “gentile hands and an open heart will take you further in life than you think.”

I am a Barefoot Trimmer practicing along the coast in northern California from Montara to Pigeon Point. My clients also span as far north as the Napa Valley, east to the Gold Country, and the Sacramento Valley. I started trimming horses in 2004. I take great pride in my work and living up to my reputation of being kind, gentle, and having an understanding of the horse’s emotional needs as well as physical. From the elderly backyard pony to the high end performance horse and working cow horse, I strives for the best hoof care possible. Whether it is transitioning out of shoes, recovering from Laminitis or Founder, managing Navicular, or maintaining a healthy horse, I will always put the horse first. I believe that the health of the horse starts from the ground up.

To contact me please call: 415-652-2560 or email me at